Simply hit "Buy a Book" and choose your fundraiser
Simply hit "Buy a Book" and choose your fundraiser

Why Our Community Coupon Book?

What is it?

Our Community Coupon Book is exactly that, a coupon book meant for the whole community: the business, the fundraiser, and the consumer.  It was formulated with you in mind, whichever category you happen to belong to.  All the coupons in it are from businesses right in our neighborhood -- no having to travel long distances to take advantage of the offers.  It's easy for everyone to use and benefit from.

Why is it needed?

We see the need for a fundraiser that helps to build the entire community.  Local businesses work hard to help the community prosper and give it diversity.  Often, local schools and organizations are supported by local businesses, but their fundraisers don't support them in turn because the products and services they sell are from outside the community.  We want to change that.

How does it help?

We believe that Our Community Coupon Book benefits everyone in the community.  The local business places an offer which brings in new business; the fundraiser earns money from the sale of the book and knows it is helping the businesses that support them; and the consumer saves money by using the coupons and keeping money in the neighborhood, which helps to build the local economy.

Shop, Dine and Have Fun Locally

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